Commercial Gazebos

30 by 60 foot wooden pavilion30’ X 60’ Wood Pavilion
30 foot wooden dodecagon gazebo30’ Wood Dodecagon Gazebo
16 by 32 foot vinyl oval gazebo16’ X 32’ Vinyl Oval Gazebo
16 foot alpine wood pavilion16’ Alpine Wood Pavilion
8 by 14 foot wooden pavilion8’ X 14’ Wood Pavilion
34 foot vinyl dodecagon gazebo34’ Vinyl Dodecagon Gazebo
12 by 28 rectangular vinyl gazebo12’ X 28’ Rectangular Vinyl Gazebo
30 foot wooden dodecagon gazebo30’ Dodecagon Wood Gazebo

We have CANADA covered

With locations in Ontario and British Columbia, we are able to source product from all over Canada and deliver for a reasonable price. Ask us about installation when you talk to one of our capable consultants.

Call us at 905-841-0612 or toll-free: 1-888-761-0242 for any inquiries.

Direct inquiries can be made to the following extensions;

Paul Forbes
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Bob Forbes
Sales Manager
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Mayte Galindo
ext. #3

Installations are handled by: RMF Landscape Construction Ltd.

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